Nikon FM2n with Fujifilm Industrial 100 film

Camera : Nikon FM2n
Lens : Nikon Nikkor 28mm F2.8 AI-S Prime Lens
Film : Fujifilm Industrial 100
Developer: Tetenal Colortec C-41 

This is the dream team in terms of 35mm and film combo to date for me. The Nikon FM2n is just perfect in every way – I can’t think of a way it could be improved on. Manufactured from 1984 until 2001, it has a built in light meter, double / multiple exposure / timer and is so easy to load with film.

I shot exclusively with this on a trip to New York (I’ll share the photos at a later date) and I had only used it once prior to the trip. Two days later and I was loading film whilst walking – it’s that easy.

If you are looking for a 35mm camera, this is an affordable and reliable option, it’s famed for it’s durability. There’s plenty of choice for lenses, it’s compatible with Nikon F-mount lenses from 1959 onwards, and Nikon have the manual online : Nikon FM2n manual.

I packed it on an overnight trip to Dublin, along with the 28mm lens which I hoped would give me plenty of scope for capturing some street action and inside Trinity College Library (that film is to come soon).

It’s an odd selection of photos as the start of the roll is from a family weekend away and moves into Dublin trip shots.


I’m a fan of the soft tones the Fujifilm Industrial 100 gives and it can often be picked up a really cheap and competitive price. Also kudos for sneaking in 38 frames 💛