Lubitel 2 and expired 1968 Kodak Tri-X Pan Professional

Camera : Lubitel 2
Film : Expired 1968 Kodak Tri-X Pan Professional
Developer: Ilford HC

First thing first, this roll of expired film has been my nemesis. Hard to wind on in camera, har to get onto the developing reel, and curling up ever since (despite being under a stack of books for a fortnight – it still curls up into reel formation if you lift up the books!)

I regularly swing between thinking ‘I should plan some really cool concept photos’ with expired film and ‘there’s no point going to great lengths for expired film incase it all goes tits up and I’m left kicking myself’.

In the case of this film, I popped it in my bag on a day trip to Kew Gardens and randomly snapped away.


Not sure how relevant it is, but it was a bloody hot day shooting this – like 34 degrees. However I’m guessing one hot day in 50 + years of ‘goodness knows how it was kept’ film is not going to make a huge difference.

I wound on to the 3rd frame before I had realised so the first 2 shots are blank. I KNOW. What a prize twat. And then the film got totally stuck after frame 9 so I left it for a couple of hours before trying again – luckily it wound on – begrudgingly.

The only way to get a digital copy of these was to use the scanner and even then the curling was a struggle. πŸ™ˆMind you, when you consider it’s been curled on the reel for 50 + years it’s hardly surprising…

It’s pretty cool to see the print from the paper backing engrained on the negatives, one of those glorious imperfections that I adore so much.

I’ve been reading up and I’m pretty sure I should have developed for longer to try to boost the contrast – but I live and learn!