Hasselblad 500cm with Kodak Portra 160

Camera : Hasselblad 500cm
Lens : 150mm Sonar
Film : Kodak Portra 160
Developer: Tetenal Colortec C-41 

From a stolen hour at Exbury Gardens with the kids in tow. I had just discovered how to take a double exposure with the Hasselblad 500cm and went on a bit of a practicing rampage.


I was happy with the results considering I hadn’t read up on how to create a double exposure at the time. I feel confident that now I’ve read up on this that I’ll more consistent results in the future.

Lessons learnt :
– Generally under-expose each shot by one stop
– Try to shoot the darker of the subjects first, for example a silhouette of a person first, followed by the clouds / landscape / whatever

No. 9 Removed the back and ever so slightly removed the dark slide for a second to try to get an intentional light leak.

No. 5, 10, 12 Turned the camera for each shot during the double / triple exposure to see what the effect would be.

The Tetenal Colortec is the only colour developer I have used to date but I’m really happy with it. I’m a little bit too slap dash to keep to the exact temperatures and I haven’t had a roll fail on my gun-ho style just yet! 🤞