ARAX60 with expired Ilford HP5 PLUS

Camera : ARAX60
Film : Ilford HP5 PLUS expired 1990
Developer: Ilford HC

When my mum told me she had bought a bag full of film for 50p at a car boot I rubbed my hands with glee. Amongst the bounty we’re a few rolls of Ilford HP5 PLUS with an expiry date of Jan 1990. So I popped a roll in the ARAX60 one Sunday and took it to Sunday lunch at the in-laws.


Loading rolls onto metal reels is a skill I still learning. I actually like the effect of the film buckling a little when loading, as you can see in the photos below.

Quality wise I can’t see much difference for it being expired, maybe a little ‘foggy’. I am noticing expired film generally seems harder to load without buckling – not sure if that’s a ‘thing’ or just me…