ARAX60 with Kodak Tri-X

Camera : ARAX60
Film : Kodak Tri-X 400
Developer: Ilford HC

I bought the ARAX60 a week or so before the Hasselblad 500cm and consequently, in the midst of popping my Hasselblad cherry euphoria, the ARAX lay neglected.

Thought it was about time I used it a bit more, so I ran a roll of Tri-X through it one Sunday afternoon to see how it performs compared to my other two 120 regulars. I’ll write up my initial ARAX60 thoughts soon. 👍


This was my 2nd attempt at loading 120 film onto metal developing reels, a couple of ends of the frames got damaged from this but overall I am preferring the metal vs plastic reels.

Liking the shorted development times of Ilford HC vs Ilford DDX that I was using previously.